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This is the story of Sea to Ski, from the beginning to now.
An event that tests riders as they embark on a journey from the SEA shores of the Wild Coast to the high mountains surrounding the picturesque town of Rhodes, with the final destination being Tiffendell SKI resort.

Sea to Ski, the brainchild of Mike Glover


Riders gather on the Wild Coast of South Africa. Ahead lies three days of challenging yet rewarding riding.


The routes are not marked and riders have to rely on GPS to get them from point to point. Routes are loaded on their GPS units at registration and in teams of two, riders navigate their way along the route.


Starting back in 2013, Sea to Ski has attracted some well-known faces in the South African enduro Scene.


Riders can expect…

Rocky Climbs…


Technical descents… Above: One of the many, friendly local kids watch on as riders descent into the Bashee river, just before one of the lunch stops.


River crossings…


Heat… (On the hot years’ the rivers like the Bashee river are a welcome relief from the mid-day heat).


And cold…. (2018 was the wet year, riders had the addition of rain to make the journey slightly more challenging, the routes are set for wet conditions due to the passes becoming more challenging the wetter they get. On the dry years, the passes, like Big Daddy’s and Elephants Trunk are more passable, but be sure to hydrate as the valleys are notorious for their hot, dry conditions).


The idea behind Sea to Ski allows teams to have their support crew follow along in their cars, each team has a backup driver who will meet the riders at various sections along the route. (Teamwork is the name of the game to get up some of the more challenging sections, above, riders are helped by their crew up one of the slippery passes due to heavy rainfall the night before).


Crew members refueling as the riders take in sustenance and a welcome break at one of the fuel stops.


2018 saw the introduction of Sea to Sea. Sea 2 Sea became the ‘Milder’ option of the two events, a triangular route, starting and ending in the Wild Coast.


Unlike sea to Ski, logistics are handled completely by the crew of Red Cherry and Sea to Sea becomes the no-hassle event where luggage and fuel are all taken from race village to race village for each rider.


For both events, teams can expect to sleep in tents in a race village set up by the Red Cherry crew, race villages include a ‘Chill Zone’ with a fully stocked bar, shower and ablution facilities, and good vibes. Pictured above: race village set up at the famous Clarkebury mission where Nelson Mandela attended secondary school.


Local support along the route is in abundance. Above: Charl Moolman giving the gathering crowd at the start of day 2 some entertainment.


Above: Riders summiting one of the many fun climbs with breathtaking views of the valleys below.


The finish of Sea to Ski at Tiffendell ski resort, sitting above 2700m above sea level.


The Finish of Sea to Sea, riders are welcomed at the coastal Hole in the Wall hotel.


All that for a refreshing ice-cold beer after three days of riding.


What’s a dirt bike trip without a burn out in the hotel?


See you at the start of this year’s Sea to Ski or Sea to Sea, CHEERS!