• sea to ski - an epic adventure
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As much as the organisers try to position an event of this magnitude as fun and adventurous, there remains a need for rules, These rules are mainly created for your own safety and enjoyment.

Team Work

We will strictly enforce the fact that teams and their 2 riders must always be within 2 minutes of each other. Being stuck in the middle of the mountains and not able to clear a technical piece or having a mechanical without the necessary tools is not fun.

Sea to Ski 2015


The route is not marked and unfiltered GPS tracks will be made available to both members of the team. GPS units will be retrieved after each day and actual Tracks vs route will be studied and prizes for most accurate navigation will be awarded. The riders to supply own GPS and it is recommended that a 12V power supply be used.

Start Time and Time Bar

The official start time each day will be 07h00. The teams can start later if they wish, but no later than 08h00. They have 10 hours in which to complete each days challenge i.e. 17h00 cut off. If you miss the time bar you will receive a Blue Number. You will be allowed to start the next day but will not qualify as a finisher.

Unwritten Rules of an Extreme Challange

There are two rules that we believe to be really important. Due to the fact that this is not a race but a challenge that you are required to complete in 10 hours, the following factors need to be considered:

  • The power of a team and numbers – The route is designed in such a way that there will be times when you alone will not be able to tackle a section without help. This is why you have a team mate and you may find that you will partner up with another team as the going gets tougher.
  • Give Way – if there is a faster team behind you try to find a safe place to let them pass you and If you are behind a slower rider you just need to “blip” the throttle once or twice and make your way past them. We are all here for a good time. Keep it nice and chilled and nobody will get hurt.