Day 1

Day 1 takes the riders from Mazeppa Bay straight into the Manubi Forest and the most incredible playground of forest trails and rocky climbs. The 1st Refuel is just outside Willowvale,  the gateway to the mighty rivers of the Nquabara and Mbashee, with Collywobbles Hydro Plant being a picture stopper. After reaching the Mbashee we have our lunch stop and a awesome 30km home run into our 1st overnight stop at Clarkebury Mission.

RedCherry Adventures Sea to Ski
RedCherry Adventures Sea to Ski

Day 2

This is a tough day as we climb out of Clarkebury and into the escarpment.  2017 saw the riders attempt Donkeys Dick in the wet and only 4 teams made it. We are hard at work making the climb more manageable but if rain is on the horizon we will divert through “Big Daddy’s” and have “Sorry Son” as an escape.  Once we climb out we are into the Oribi gorge, countless farms and Mondi Forests.  Our overnight at Maclear High School is our steak night and with one day to go … the mood is great.

Day 3

A shorter day as we wind our way through forests and all the way up the escarpment running parallel to Naudes Nek.   It is the most beautiful day by far as you climb the wonderful Lehanas Pass into the Karantul Road to Tiffindell.   Its a great site with the Red Bull Arch on the ski slopes.  Enjoy a few well-deserved drinks in the pub as you await receipt of your Sea to Ski Finishers shirt.

RedCherry Adventures Sea to Ski