The Route for 2017 is about 60% new and is unbelievable

Day 1 – Mazeppa to Clarkebury

With our new start at Mazeppa Bay Hotel we are straight into the Qora Gorge, Coconuts and up Long Rocks into Willowvale where we have our 1st Refuel . We now track North into the valleys of Nqabara and the Bashee rivers and join up again at Mveso near the N2. We have the same DSP at N2 but we fast track into Clarkebury as the 1st half of the day is a lot tougher. Basically all that is common from previous years is the 15km section of Collywobbles.

Day 2  - Clarkebury to Maclear

In previous years this was the Elephants Trunk Day but we are giving the Trunk a miss this year. We now have Donkeys Dick … it will be a climb to remember and the team from Maclear have been clearing the route for some time ... you will love it !!!  This new route also means a slightly shorter day into Maclear but still a Tough One.  About 30% of route will be same as 2015.

Day 3 - Maclear to Tiffindell

We're giving Big Daddy’s a rest so this year we head east toward Matatiele with great sled tracks and rocky river beds all the way to Lehanas Pass. It is such a great finish and the general sentiment was that we keep it in.  In other words, all that is common from the last 2 years is Lehanas and the Karantul Road into Tiffindell ... the rest is brand new.

RedCherry Adventures Sea to Ski
RedCherry Adventures Sea to Ski